Woods Soap - Evergreen, Nettle & Peppermint Infused

Woods Soap - Evergreen, Nettle & Peppermint Infused

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WOODS is primarily infused with evergreen, but sometimes you might see us make a batch with juniper berries, nettle and/or peppermint, depending on the season. 

This soap is my escape into a forest via the shower, so if you like earthy undertones, you will be a fan!



* = Organic | " = Organic & Homegrown

✧  Pasture raised lard ~ This product is uses up-cycled (otherwise waste), local animal fat, making this product sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to have all of our products with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

✧  Cold-pressed local sunflower oil infused with our whole herb blend- evergreen", nettle", peppermint"

✧  Hemp oil or pumpkin seed oil*

✧  Castor oil*

✧  Local beeswax

✧  Essential oils: evergreen*, lemongrass*. 

Made with lye and water.