Sponsor A Family 2024 Donation From $5.00

Sponsor A Family 2024 Donation From $5.00

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If we were to consider the wellness of a community, what would come to mind? Vibrant spirits opening doors, saying “Hello”, and offering support in different ways… lending a nickel or a prayer.

We would like to acknowledge our community and the beautiful acts of kindness we witness everyday in our little neck of the woods. The bright “Good Morning”s exchanged with our neighbours,  the sweetness of each of you who walk through our door.

The past four years has been a challenge for so many in so many ways. We have each endured struggles, not always seen by others, but experienced deeply.

We know that there are vulnerable families and individuals who need our compassionate support during these trying times. It is a privilege to partner with our neighbours Mission Services Hamilton, once again, to sponsor a family this holiday season.

More than the physical gifts, we hope with all our hearts, that these individuals who need a little support right now, feel that they are seen, respected, and held by their community. May they feel valued and believed in, May they feel belonging and love,

Thank you!

With your help, in 2022 we were able to check off the wishlists of two families! Thank you so much for your generosity!


Spreading the Warmth

This season, The Dot is partnering with our neighbours Mission Services Hamilton, once again, to sponsor a family in our community.


For anyone interested in contributing to the cause, we are graciously accepting monetary donations. We will use these to help with our purchases from the lists given to us by Mission Services, who work directly with families in our community.


Accepting Donations
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Sending peace and love to you all🧡

May you and yours be surrounded by peace and love this holiday season.

Merry Christmas


The Pale Blue Dot Family