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Join us for our first clothing swap of 2019!

10.5 million tons of textiles went into landfills in 2015. That 7.5 percent of all waste generated that year! If you want to reduce your waste, preventing your clothing from going to a landfill is a great way to do it. Participating in Clothing Swaps is a fantastic way to give your unwanted clothing a second life - plus, it's great for your bank account! ;)

We are asking participants to contribute $2.00 to help cover cost of set up & organization ♥

Gender Neutral


This time, we invite you to add any gifts you received
over the Holidays that you just don't need.

What you need to know:

1. Bring in your donations today through Monday the 14th at 5pm! This is a firm Deadline. Please do not bring your clothing on the day or evening of the swap. Your cooperation is greeeatly appreciated!

2. Please only donate wearable items. Refrain from donating ripped, broken items. If you would like information on where to take your unwearable items for textile recycling , please look in the discussions section/comments! :)

3. You can donate: clothing, pyjamas, active wear, shoes, accessories.
Please refrain from bring in opened/used cosmetics, lotions, etc.

4. When you bring your items in, we will give you tickets 1 ticket for every item

5. Bring your tickets on the night of the clothing swap and use them as your currency. 1 item = 1 ticket

6. Please bring reusable bags to carry your goodies out! :)

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