Our Promise

Since day one, our goal has remained the same. To do our absolute best to provide our community with safe, ethically-sourced, responsibly-made, high-quality goods that support a healthy, slow, low-waste, lifestyle.
For the love of people + planet.

 ~   E S T   2 0 1 7  ~


Rooted in Nature

Our faith is firmly rooted in nature. We are organic beings in a world that is seemingly becoming more disconnected from our natural environment everyday. We are passionate in our quest to inspire the renewal of relationships between humans and nature starting right here.


Photo: Rachel Connell 

Source Matters

Central to our core purpose, is curating and creating products that allow our community to be less reliant on petroleum-based resources. The products we source and offer are not only made using natural materials but made by companies that share our core values. 


Our Company Values

The Pale Blue Dot was created as a reflection of our personal values.. 

  • Make earth-friendly alternatives more accessible.
  • Support and highlight people, companies and organizations doing good for the planet and her people. 
  • Educate and support our community.
  • Inspire slow living and living in reciprocity with nature.

Thank you so much for your support!

- Mary & The Pale Blue Dot Team
  Photo: Rachel Connell