Thyme 4 Olive Oil Soap
Thyme 4 Olive Oil Soap

Thyme 4 Olive Oil Soap

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THYME 4 OLIVE OIL SOAP is a moisturizing soap to have on your shelf. Smells fresh and with a hint of garden herbs. 

This is one of the soaps that I recommend for general rashes, irritation, acne, baby rash, pet shampoo and for people with sensitive skin. It is also a favourite among men and people who like a mild natural scent.



* = Organic

✧ Pasture raised lard ~ This product is uses up-cycled (otherwise waste), local animal fat, making this product sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to have all of our products with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

✧ Cold-pressed olive oil

✧ Castor oil*

✧ Whole thyme leaf*

✧ Local beeswax

✧ Essential oil: rosemary.

Made with lye & water.