Rosemary Hair Oil

Rosemary Hair Oil

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A rosemary-infused hair oil to encourage growth, strength, & luster.

Made with a blend of cold-pressed oils rich in nourishing fatty acids and infused with locally grown rosemary, sage, burdock root, and horsetail to stimulate the hair follicle and assist in re-growth, as well as overall scalp health & hair strength.

Hair oil is multi-functional! It can be applied to the ends of hair to add shine and function as an anti-frizz product, or it can be applied as a hair mask if the goal is to assist in re-growth and scalp health. You can use hair oil as a face and beard oil as well.

Hair Mask

Apply 10-12 drops along the hairline and massage into scalp. Brush oil through hair to ends, or simply leave on for 20min. Wash out with shampoo, and style as usual. Alternatively, it can also be left on the hair overnight for a longer treatment, and washed out in the morning.

Hair Oil is also safe to use as a leave in, and does not need to be washed out!


Cold-pressed and unrefined oils of *argan oil, *sweet almond oil, *black cumin seed oil, *pumpkin seed oil, *evening primrose oil, *jojoba oil infused with rosemary, sage, burdock root & horsetail, *rosemary oil, *sage oil, *lavandin oil, vitamin e oil.

*certified organic.