Rose Tallow Soap

Rose Tallow Soap

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The smell is delicate and minimal but still lovely. Infused with homegrown rose petals, it is a multi-use bar, nice in hair too! 

WHY ROSE? Rightfully a symbol of beauty, rose provides antioxidants and astringent properties to natural skin care. Astringents cleanse, tighten and balance oil.

WHY TALLOW? Tallow contains vitamin A retinol making it a great soap choice to heal and rejuvenate skin, smooth fine lines, reduce irritation and fade scars. 



*= Organic | " = Organic & Homegrown

✧ Pasture raised tallow ~ This product is uses up-cycled (otherwise waste), local animal fat, making this product sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to have all of our products with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

✧ Cold-pressed local sunflower oil

✧ Castor oil*

✧ Homegrown rose petals"

✧ Local beeswax

✧ Essential oil: tea tree*

✧ Natural fragrance oil: dragon's blood* (phthalate & paraben-free)

Made with lye and water.