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Artist: Mary Luciani (founder of The Pale Blue Dot)

About the Artist

With a keen interest in light and shadow, this era of Mary’s painting, all originally painted with black and white acrylic, was an exploration of just that - a stripped down expression steeped in nostalgia. Though blessed with a creative spirit from a young age, Mary met her artistry, 12 years ago, at James St. N and Vine. As a painter every Art Crawl, it was here among the vibrant community she unlocked nearly 100 paintings, all of which have set sail into the hands of others or perhaps back into the swirling ether.

Mary has since harnessed her creative spirit in another venture, on James St. North, no less. In 2017 she opened a small shop called The Pale Blue Dot, a designed experience from head to toe, where you can find her artwork among her mystical murals of The Cave. 

Today, though interrupted by a 4 year stint of blindness, Mary enjoys painting still lifes rich in botanicals and fruit, embracing the cloudy romanticism brought on by cataracts, merging the decadence of light, colour and texture by way of her impressionist brushstrokes. 

“I’ve always felt there is something mystical within the creative process. A type of handshake with the Divine that allows the spirit of creation to work through you. Dance with it, darling.”

Mary Luciani