Letter Writing Night :Tuesday February 6 @ 6:30PM

Letter Writing Night :Tuesday February 6 @ 6:30PM

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Join us for a lovely evening of letter writing at The Pale Blue Dot.

10.00 cover for first time attendees 

5.00 cover for returning attendees (use your secret code)

Wednesday February 7 
6:30pm - 8pm
240 James St. North - The Pale Blue Dot 

Register now to save your space.

We will be coming together to write uplifting letters to  community members, our favourite small businesses, beloved old houses in the area, or our loved ones. It is up to you!

The shop will be set with writing stations, a sealing wax station, and lit by candles and chandeliers. 


What Is Provided:

A Sheet of Quality Letter Writing Paper
Matching Envelope
Red Wax Seal
Scrap Paper for Drafts
Markers and Rubber Stamps for Adorning 


We will have pens available, but please feel free to bring your favourite writing pen! 

Mailing Your Letter
We will bring the letters to the post office for everyone the day after the event.

This is a non-profit event. All proceeds go directly into present and future community events at The Dot - Including Open Art Night! (Check it out!)
We are asking $5 a seat to help cover the cost of supplies and stamps. 


Thank you for Registering Now! This helps us set the space appropriately :)