Children’s Straw Broom

Children’s Straw Broom

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for children, 1 - 3 years old

  • red painted wooden handle
  • rice straw
  • Size: approx. 80 cm

PLEASE NOTEDue to packaging limitations we cannot ship these lovely brooms. Brooms will have to be picked up in store. 

"Appliances for kids: Kids love to help with household chores and it’s a great way for them to learn many different activities quickly and easily. But standard appliances are not suited for kids because of their size. When kids use the same appliances that grown-ups use, it can damage their posture and increase the risk of injury. Our play appliances are geared precisely to the needs and physical requirements of the various age levels – so learning is easy and fun! For children up to 3 years old, we recommend brooms with an overall length of 70 cm and for older kids, brooms with a length of 90 cm."