Armoured Car Wood Coin Bank
Armoured Car Wood Coin Bank

Armoured Car Wood Coin Bank

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The Armoured Car Coin Bank is designed as a fun armoured car with rolling wheels and plenty of space to learn about saving too. Yes, 2 toys in 1!

Deposit coins in the top. Drive to the next pickup. Add more coins. Drive to your destination. Open the bottom to do a withdrawal and see how much you’ve collected and saved.

Unfinished and ready to be personalized with “Royal Bank of Carol”, “Bedroom Financial Group” or “Stuart’s Saving & Loan” This is a great toy to begin teaching kids about the importance of saving money. Simple lessons about how money will add up over time.

This wooden Armoured Car Coin Bank is durable and will last as a reminder of saving and fun.

Our wooden toys are heirloom-quality and built to last. These are classic toys that can be handed down to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren!


Additional Information

Dimensions21 x 11 x 10 cm
Wood: Pine, Birch, Maple, Hardwood 
Ages: 2+