Collection: Sponsor A Family

This holiday we want to help our community feel the warmth
of the season. So, The Pale Blue Dot is partnering with
Children’s Aid Society Hamilton to sponsor a family.

A family of four; a mom and three children
An 11 year old boy
A 9 year old boy
And a 9 month old baby girl

We want to make sure that their holiday is as
exciting and joyous as possible, and your support
would be greatly appreciated!
 - - - - - - - - 
For every donation, you will be entered into a
draw to win a $50.00 gift certificate to The Pale Blue Dot!

The draw will take place December 6th, 2019 
(The day after donation due date of December 5th)
Below is a list of new items The Children's Aid Society
aims to include in each Family's Hamper  
**bold items have been purchased!*

  • 4 x $25 President’s Choice Grocery card
  • Pair of Mittens - Mom
  • Pair of Mittens - 11 year old Boy
  • Pair of Mittens - 9 year old boy
  • Pair of Mittens - 9 month old girl
  • Pair of Gloves - Mom 
  • Pair of Gloves - 11 year old
  • Pair of Gloves - 9 year old 
  • Pair of Gloves - 9 month old
  • **Hat - Mom
  • Hat - 11 year old
  • Hat - 9 year old
  • Hat - 9 month old 
  • Nut free Treats
  • 2-3 toys for 11 year old boy 
  • 2-3 toys for 9 year old boy
  • 2-3 toys for 9 month old girl
  • Gifts, or gift Cards for Mom
  • Family Game
  • Crayons and Colouring activity books
  • Wrapping paper
We have added "Monetary Donation Links" below for
anyone willing to donate to the cause. We will use these
funds to purchase what is needed from the list above. 
For your convenience we have also added ideas below.
If you would like to order gifts from our online shop,
please include the code SPONSORAFAMILY at checkout
so we know it's a donation. 
Or send us an email and we will make sure your order is put
into the donation collection :) 

The family has provided the following details that can
help put this hamper together.
- Both boys enjoy T shirts, track suits and X box games.
- Mom would also like tactile toys like blocks and large puzzles.

The Pale Blue Dot will be open for accepting donations everyday!
Please call or email with any questions! 
Thank you so much,
From the bottom of our hearts!

- The Pale Blue Dot Team

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