Usnea Lichen Extract by Sacred Plant Co

Usnea Lichen Extract by Sacred Plant Co

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Usnea Lichen Tincture | Usnea Extract | Old Man’s Beard Tincture | Woman's Long Hair Tincture | Usnea Lichen Extract

Product Info: Usnea Lichen Tincture

• Made With Only 100% Wild Usnea Lichen.
• Alcohol-Free Usnea Extract
• Usnea Extracted for Freshness.
• Handcrafted Usnea Lichen Tincture
• Sacred Plant Co Usnea Lichen is harvested and dried by hand in small batches at low "raw" temperatures to ensure the highest quality usnea extract possible.

· Standard Usnea Extract - Extracted over 60 days.

used for weight loss, pain, fever, wound healing and to make phlegm easier to cough up.