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size 135g

SuperHerb Formula to nourish your hair, nails, teeth and boost your unbreakability.

Wouldn’t you like to be a real life BionicBeing, running marathons effortlessly, leaping up steep mountainsides and being generally unbreakable? This potion is a potent formula, especially developed as a bone tonic, to help keep your bones, teeth, hair and nails strong and resistant to life's challenges. Take this to live joyously, play effortlessly and reveal your resilience. Bringing together a powerhouse combination of ancient SuperHerbs including Bhringaraj, Ashwagandha & Suma Root, this potion is a great way to go to be truly indestructable.

Mix me into your smoothies, milks, water, juices, coconut oil or nut butter. Take up to 2 tbsp daily.

Ingredients:  Roasted Ramon Nut Powder*, Ashwagandha*, Bhringaraj*, Camu Camu*, Rose hips*, Mesquite*, Suma Root**, Pine Pollen**

Caution: In the case of medical conditions, pregnancy or nursing, consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.