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Natural Materials

These  baskets are woven in Morocco by skilled artisans . The weavers  use palm leaf, reeds and sisal,  all locally sourced.   The palm leaf is from the doum palm, which grows wild in rural areas of Morocco.  Being hand woven from natural products,  each basket has its own unique characteristics and are designed to age beautifully with time and use. 

Design + Simplicity

Beautiful in their simplicity, the humble basket has existed since the beginning of time.  A practical vessel for carrying and containing life's everyday essentials.   In a day of environmental awareness these ethically made, sustainable baskets are a great way to carry fruit, flowers, vegetables; or around the home for storing firewood, childrenʼs toys, magazines, laundry or knitting wool's and projects.   


Ethically produced, our baskets are sustainable, Eco-friendly and the perfect alternative to the plastic bag!  #saynotoplastic The baskets are completely hand woven so each basket is slightly different with quirks in the weave that we believe enhance the individuality of your basket. 

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