Sweet Ginger Sore Muscle Balm

Sweet Ginger Sore Muscle Balm

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An anti-inflammatory muscle balm for sore muscles and joints.

This highly concentrated, healing skin tonic brings blood and heat to the surface of the skin with the essential oils of ginger, cassia, rosemary, and basil, while simultaneously cooling with japanese peppermint.

With ingredients such as camphor, white willow bark, chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever when massaged into the skin.

directions: warm a small amount in between your hands and massage into sore muscles and achy joints in a circular motion

2oz - Metal Tin

ingredients: local beeswax •safflower oil •rosehip oil •coconut oil ∆comfrey ∆willow bark •chamomile •lavender ∆plantain •ginger oil •rosemary •basil camphor •eucalyptus cassia •japanese peppermint
•organic ∆wild