*URGENT MESSAGE* Are we facing the end of most Natural Health Products in Canada by 2025?






Herbalism and Health Canada’s ‘Self-Care Framework’: What You Need to Know

"The Natural Health Product industry is currently facing a convergence of multiple initiatives by Health Canada that threaten its existence. The industry and consumer access to natural health products and practices are under assault. If these changes are allowed to proceed, the consequences will be dire for the industry.

As herbalists we know this will impact people’s right to make their own choices when it comes to their health – and that this doesn’t just apply to supplements.  Many businesses within our herbal community are at risk if these changes come into effect. Join us for an in-depth live webinar discussing Health Canada’s impact on the Herbal industry and discover strategies to thrive amidst these changes" - Wild Rose Collage of Herbal Medicine  


WATCH HERE: Webinar from Tuesday July 25th, 2023



Take Action!

Contact Your MP

I think the main calls to action I would summarize are to get a message to the MPs to rescind sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 as well as to the new Federal Health Minister.
I know many of you have already spoke with your MP and at least in Alberta where they are primarily from the Conservative party, each have responded that they voted against this, and now that it is law there is nothing they can do.
If you are in a Liberal or NDP riding, it is all the more important to send a message to them as it was a Liberal/NDP coalition that allowed this Bill to pass, and perhaps they can explain why they voted to allow for Natural Healthproducts to be defined as, and therefore regulated the same as, pharmaceuticals.
Complete the Health Canada Survey
The other very important action, and perhaps more effective in the short term than writing MP's about Bill C-47 is to fill out this survey that Health Canadahas open regarding the Cost Recovery Program for which they are seeking public feedback until August 10th.
In each of the webinars I've shared links to above, we explain the fees related to the Cost Recovery Program and their negative implications on a business like Harmonic Arts (and Light Cellar).
The short of it is, that this is just another tax and money grab that offers nothing to the Natural Health industry except higher fees, longer "approval times" and more bureaucratic headaches and barriers to bring products to market. Not to mention stifling innovation, reducing the diversity of products available and overall making everything more expensive.
Their proposed plan is already beginning to harm the industry just at the mention of them bringing this program to life and it will only be exacerbated if the fees come into effect.
The feedback form to fill out is here:
Please let them know what you think before the deadline of August 10th and share the video and or survey to get others involved.
Also, feel free to respond with any comments or questions and I appreciate all the support.




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