Welcome! Välkommen! Hoan Nghênh! Bienvenue!

From every corner of our beautiful planet, we welcome you with open arms! Here at The Pale Blue Dot – within our ‘pale blue dot’ – we’re all already home. Come discover your incredible potential to live life sustainably, consciously, fully, and compassionately.

It’s no secret that our beautiful home is having a dangerously tough time keeping up with the typical modern lifestyle and habits. Every toothbrush, piece of clothing, plastic grocery bag, laundry detergent container, bed frame, plastic straw and disposable utensil ever manufactured is STILL somewhere on this planet, the only difference is that we can no longer see it. The wonderful reality is that we hold the power to make changes – anywhere from small and seemingly insignificant to grand and inspirational.

Whichever change you make today…it matters. Your moment of mindfulness matters.
Whether you’re an unyielding Earth-advocate, you’re just beginning to find your voice in the world of sustainability, or you’re somewhere in between, The Pale Blue Dot will be here by your side every step of the way. We believe that, together, we hold more power than we’ve yet to uncover. The planet needs our love and there’s no better time than now. Let’s start nudging the discomforting trajectory that we’ve set ourselves on to one that points towards a future which allows us to continue living in harmony with this extraordinary collective home we know as our one and only Pale Blue Dot.

Come visit us in our space to find everything you need to live a sustainably spectacular life! The Pale Blue Dot Family is ready and eager to embrace and inspire change. We’ll see you soon!

Meagan Martin for The Pale Blue Dot

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