Q & A with Patrick of Sacred Plant Co! Herbal History & More!




How White Willows Bark inspired the common house ++ “Aspirin”.

Meet the amazing Patrick founder of our newest vendor: Sacred Plant Co. and learn about their incredible land revitalization project.

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White Willow's Bark
& it's natural anti-inflammatory benefits

For thousands of years our ancestors from around the world used willow’s bark to aid pain and imbalance in the body. By harvesting this bark, using it topically or internally, or simply chewing on it, people were able to lessen their pain symptoms.

It was only in 1897 that modern medicine was able to isolate and synthesize the compounds responsible for this anti-inflammatory action - at which time Aspirin was created.


The History of Willow’s Bark Inspiring Aspirin

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Getting to Know Willows Bark and Her Spirit

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A Q&A with
Patrick Brennan
Founder of Sacred Plant Co., in beautiful Colorado.

We first found Sacred Plant Co. in our search for a high-quality reindeer lichen extract, and the company blew us away with their incredible range of offerings. Working with Patrick and Brian (stay tuned for part II), has been such a delight. Everytime we learn more about them, it feels like we’re being re-introduced to long-lost-friends!

It fills our heart to the brim knowing that people like Patrick and Brian and are out there being themselves and making the world a better place because of it!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you, Patrick Brennan!


Q: What is your role/title at Sacred Plant Co.
A: The only official title I have ever had is Chief Troubler Maker, which probably is the most well suited.


Q: Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Where are you now?
A: Denver, CO | Castle Rock, CO | Middle of Nowhere CO (Glade Park, CO)


Q: How do you describe Sacred Plant Co?

A: Sacred Plant Co is the culmination of my life's experiences dropped into an experimental capitalist environment where we emphasize integrity and fun, and see what happens. Oh and we do a lot of work with soil structure & herbs.

Q: Tell us about your growing ranch.

A: Sacred Hollow Ranch is one of only two things I ever really wanted in my life. We have 60 acres of land that is mostly thought of as barren and desert-like. We received less than 10 inches/25 CM of precipitation, and we are 7,500 feet/2286 meters above sea level. The original settlers of Glade Park starved to death trying to farm the area. I thought this place would be a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our sustainable growing methods. Our energy here is spent improving the soil using ancient growing practices that introduce microbes (life) into the soil instead of chemicals. (I’ve included a couple of photos to show the progress over 2-years just because I think it’s fun to see



Q: Describe your journey of creating Sacred Plant Co. When/ How did it all begin?

A: The idea of Sacred Plant Co came from daydreams I'd have while I was working with the adidas and Reebok brands. I was in this opportunity working with the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, & NCAA properties, and everyone seemed to want what I had, but I'd be sitting at home in my office looking up farmland and dreaming of a day where I had enough space to 'just be.'

In December of 2018 things started to fall into place. I bought Sacred Hallow and started growing and producing seeds from my tiny suburban home in Chandler, AZ. In 2020 I moved to the ranch, and got to work building the soil, and working on Sacred Plant Co full-time.


Q: Do you have a favourite plant(s)? Tell us a little about your relationship with this plant.

A: All of them, but I really appreciate Dandelions. When I first arrived at the ranch, there were no dandelions. (the soil couldn't support them) There were no grasshoppers (there wasn't enough vegetation to support them). Now we have grasshoppers the size of small mice and dandelions self-seeding in the pasture. When I brag about having grasshoppers and dandelions, people often think I am insane. I hear a lot of comments like, "Aren't those bad things?" but I know that healthy dandelions are a representation of the change I am making on this tiny little 60-acre plot, as well as a beacon for what is possible on this planet.


Q: What do you most enjoy about your work?

A: I don't know what there isn't to like. I get to play in the dirt, feed the earth, and be as creatively expressive as possible every day. It's an absolute dream and quite literally my dream to be doing this.


Q: What aspect of growing do you most enjoy?

A: I like the meta answer to this question. Everything alive comes from the soil and goes back to the soil. Each of us are simply a gathering of soil animated by some unknown force. Sometimes I'll lie in bed thinking about the cycle. Something dies, and microbes break it down to become soil. That soil is then consumed by vegetation, and that vegetation is consumed by something animated, that animated something uses the vegetation to grow. That animated being is eventually consumed by something larger or smaller and is returned to the soil, to go back into the animating process once again. I love this reality.


Q: Sacred Plant Co has a vast array of seeds available, What advice do you have for people interested in seed saving?

A: Just do it. There is no harm in saving seeds. Worst case scenario is your seeds don't germinate, and you are back to square one. No big deal. Also, label everything because no matter how much you convince yourself, you will remember. You will not remember.


Q: Which three herbs do you consider to be integral for a home garden?

A: Lemon Balm - Basil - Spearmint

I think you can make arguments for lots of more medical herbs. I like lemon balm, basil and spearmint because everyone can grow them, they are forgiving, and they are easily used fresh in just about every meal.


Q: What is something plants have taught you?

A: Stop fighting nature. So many farmers/gardeners spend their time and their money fighting against nature. To me that is a guaranteed losing battle. I believe in working with what nature has to offer, and trying to enhance that. The plants seem to appreciate this too.


Q: We recently learned that you have a podcast, Becoming Legendary! How would you describe your podcast? What topics do you explore? Where can people find Becoming Legendary?

A: Becoming Legendary is something I started quite a long time ago, 5-plus years now, I think. It's been shockingly successful and amazingly well-received. The podcast itself has turned into a fantastic way to express ideas and impact lives. These days I think of Becoming Legendary as a slice of insight from a unique perspective, its become an integral part of learning for me. We get to talk to people from so many different aspects of life, and it offers me a long-form platform to share my ideas about the world that I hope will help people make better choices. You can find becoming legendary literally everywhere. Apple Podcast, Spotify, Youtube, or anywhere else you consume podcasts.


Q: What is your favourite book(s)? Favourite film(s)?

A: "The Book of Lost Things,' 'House of Leaves,' 'Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban,' & 'Lying' are four of my all-time favorites. Recently I have been in love with 'The Curious Incident Of the Dog In the Nighttime' and 'The Color of Bee Larkham's Murder' both of which offered me beautiful insights into the world from unique perspectives that changed me for the better.

As a side rant, I want to defend fiction for a moment. People always hint or directly tell me that consuming fiction is a "waste of time." I hear about how people want to use their time to "better themselves," and I'll say this; non-fiction books are experiences that happen outside of you. You can learn about someone else's ideas of the world, and you can get "better," but you can only expand externally so far. At some point, you're going to hit a wall. You can also read 1,000 self-help books and never expand if you don't internalize the experience. Fiction, on the other hand, offers you the chance to experience another perspective often (1st person) from the inside. When you read fiction, you are co-creating with the author. That co-creation happens within you. I've expanded my perspectives and my understanding of myself much more from reading fiction than from any guide to bettering myself, and I hope the world can overcome this new fangled idea that fiction is a waste of time.

Q: What are some of your hobbies and passions?

A: I'm quite passionate about making people's day and playing discgolf (poorly)

Q: What is the best advice you've received?

A: 'Never look up to anyonenever look down on anyone. See everything as it is and you will navigate through life effortlessly.'

Q: Hit us with a list of your Pale Blue Dot picks! What catches your eye? What would you like to try?

A: The Pale Blue Dot to me, is mesmerizing. There is no one thing that I am drawn toward because I'm drawn toward everything, especially the collective energy and visionary thinking that make the Pale Blue Dot what it is. I'm so deeply impressed and awe-inspired by the foresight and leadership of The Pale Blue Dot. It is incredible to be connected with such a progressive team. Knowing The Pale Blue Dot exists makes me want to do rad things.


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If you’re prone to headaches, increase your water intake and maybe try a few drops of White Willow’s Bark if you feel it's right for you. Our tension relief roll on or Sore Muscle Balm can also help alleviate discomfort.


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