GARDEN PLANNING: Selecting Your Plants

Starting a vegetable garden is extremely exciting. Imagining lush, bountiful rows of organic homegrown food in your own backyard! What could be more wonderful than that?

As exciting as sowing seeds is, there are a few steps before planing that can be very beneficial for your future vegetable garden. 

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Now that you have a better understanding of your space it’s time to make your planting list! 

Start with a wishlist and then narrow it down by selecting plants that thrive in the growing conditions you have to offer. 


Growing Plants in Partial Shade
Growing Plants in Full Sun
Getting to Know your Growing Space

Once you have a good list started, it’s time for a little speed dating with each plant. Get to know ‘em a little bit better! Ask them the important questions - That is to say. Ask a book or jeeves or whatever search engine you use :)

Here are some examples of good questions to ask:

  • When do I start your seeds indoors? 
  • When can I plant/transplant you outside?
  • How much sun do you like?
  • How much water do you like?
  • What is your preferred soil type?
  • What are good companion plants for you?
  • Do you grow best in the ground or in a container?
  • When are you ready for harvest?
  • Did we just become best friends?!

Questions? Thoughts? Pop ‘em in the comments below!

Y’all come on back now, ya hear?

Love to you, dear ones!

Happy day


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