Something that has really been frustrating me about myself lately: I turn on the electric kettle, let the water boil, but forget to make my tea! This is something that I never gave a second thought a few months ago.. and then I was listening to a podcast about “environmental folklore, & design solutions” and the things we don’t think about, but have quite a substantial impact. The speaker brought up the topic of boiling water in a kettle. How many of you overfill the kettle when you’re only making one cup of tea? 

A study done in the UK found that 65% of the UK said they overfill their kettles. All of that extra water that’s being boiled requires energy.. and it has been calculated that in *one day* this extra energy being used, from boiling kettles, is enough energy to light all of the street lights in London for one night. 
Also! Did you know that often times kettles are designed in a way that the “minimum line” is above the level you would need for one cup? Consumption is the biggest problem - Design is the solution.


So! Back to my original thought. I’m trying to be more mindful of my usage in the home. Fill the kettle just to the minimum line, boil the water (it takes WAY less time this way too, so you don’t forget as easily - us busy bodies these days.. too much on the brain) , make your tea - and most importantly: Drink it while its HOT haha! Because most tea drinkers know, that’s the most challenging part to remember 

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