7 Beloved Female Created Brands at The Dot

Happy International Women's Day!


When I founded and opened The Pale Blue Dot I was 24 years old.  I am so incredibly grateful to the goodhearted strong women who have inspired me to be the creator and entrepreneur I am today.

My vision for The Pale Blue Dot and the ability to bring it to life, are possible thanks to the beautiful women on my team, Pamela and Nancy (BLESS YOU TWO), as well as the incredible people behind the brands The Pale Blue Dot is HONOURED to offer. 

The Pale Blue Dot Women Nancy Mary and Pamela outside The Shop Photo by Rachel Connell General Store

Today we’re highlighting 7 beloved Female Owned and Operated Brands offered at The Pale Blue Dot!

I do not know all of these women personally, but in some capacity, I feel like i do - and I am SO. dang, proud of them all. These women are pushing the limits for the love of the Earth and people, making this world a beautiful place with their individual missions. Whether it be offering goods that support your low-waste journey, creations that make you stop and appreciate the splendor of this planet, or intentional skin and body care for optimal wellness.
I speak for myself, and I’m sure many others when I say “THANK YOU” for bringing forth your offerings. Through your endless hard work. passion, good nature, and *hard work* you are making a difference in this world. 

Neblina + Noche

Handcrafted Jewellery Inspired by The Mexican Desert

Megan Briggs

Neblina + Noche's roots lie in terracotta soil, on a small farm, in the Mexican desert.

Megan Briggs Creator os Neblna y Noche Jewellery available at The Pale Blue Dot Hamilton Ontario 

Megan’s creations are inspired by the years she spent living immersed in nature, completely off-grid, in an 150 year old adobe farmhouse in the small village of Santa Rosa, Mexico. Two beautiful years surrounded by wise old oak trees, drinking water from the fresh water spring that lay in the river in-front of the house, eating homegrown food from their garden, connecting with herself and with nature and with this new way of life. 

Everything Megan creates is a reflection of the beauty of the place that held her so graciously, that taught her who she was and helped her become closer to herself, the earth and her path. From the dreamy terracotta colouring, to the graceful arched shapes, everything Megan makes is intended to capture the essence of Mexico and all of it's rustic elegance. 

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Wild Woven

Botanically Dyed Textile Goods
Created by: Christine & Katelyn

Wild Woven Founders Katelyn and Christine Botanically Dyed Textiles at The Pale Blue Dot Hamilton Ontario

Wild Woven Collection was founded in November of 2018, just a few short months after Christine & Katelyn serendipitously met at a pop-up in Toronto. The ladies began chatting about natural dyes and the pretty pink tones that avocado pits release when simmered. Shortly after, the two decided to meet for coffee and the idea of a collaboration was born. Wild Woven began with their stunning tea towel sets which are truly modern heirlooms for the home. Christine & Katelyn are continuously learning, experimenting, expanding and collaborating, fueled by their passion for sharing naturally-dyed textiles with the world. 
Keep an eye out for Wild Woven hosted workshops and pop-ups by following them on social media!


RASA Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Apothecary and Wellness
Created by: Tiffany Nicolson Smith 

With such an intricate and important craft, there it a lot to share about this beautiful company based out of Peterborough Ontario 

Rasa Ayurveda Tiffany and Lisa Apothecary Skin care Ayurvedic Wellness Line Available at The Pale Blue Dot Hamilton Ontario


Founded by Tiffany Nicolson Smith, and stewarded by herself and The Lovely Lisa  - Every item in the RASA Ayurveda Apothecary Line has undergone a loving, conscious conception to find its way to birth.

The RASA team is committed to ethical sourcing -  every raw material, plant, oil or superherb purchased goes under a rigorous inspection. 

They have especially focused upon sourcing from small, ethical businesses. They support women's cooperatives and NGOs, as well as focusing upon local Canadian suppliers and crafters. 

RASA celebrates Ayurveda in its sattvic holism and for that reason all of their products are created from the highest quality and purest vibration of organic, vegan and wildharvested plant materials. They  respect, revere and thank the plant and this earth for offering its medicine and healing wisdom to us all.

Before RASA crafts anything, their apothecary space is cleared with smudge, sacred mantra and with sankalpa (intention). Only then do we begin the magic creations, staying mostly in silent presence and prayer.

RASA is committed to maintaining the relationship with the plants and to crafting each of their creations with awareness and love. The Prana that flows through the hands and hearts of the crafter is as much medicine as is the energy of the plants. Together, these create great healing potentiality.

Each RASA creation has been carefully formulated with deep contemplation according to the Ayurvedic wisdom of Samyoga (right combinations). It is a true art to recognize the synergistic qualities of plant life and to give them space to come together in ways that are potent and healing.

“We yearn to see a world where more businesses offer what is needed while at the same time honoring the land and our home. For that reason, we are in an ongoing effort to make every area of RASA eco-conscious and exemplary. It is our heartfelt longing to step minimally on this earth and to ensure that her bounty is abundant for generations." - Rasa Ayurveda


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The Willow’s Bark

Wildcrafted Apothecary Line
Created by: Nadine McCallen

The Willow's Bark Apothecary makes wildcrafted, organic skincare, makeup, soap, herbal remedies, tea, tinctures, and syrups. Located in Peterbourough Ontario. 
Everything crafted in the willow's bark studio is produced by hand in small batches with quality in mind. Willow’s Bark only uses certified organic ingredients, or ethically wildcrafted ingredients. as well, their entire studio is 100% cruelty-free, gluten-free, free of artificial scents & colors, and free of endocrine disruptors such as phthalates, bpa, & bcb’s.

Nadine Founder of The Willow's Bark Apothecary Natural Vegan Skincare available at The Pale Blue Dot Hamilton Ontario

Nadine sources her ingredients locally first and foremost, and then extends her reach a bit further for a few sacred additions to their formulas. 

The Willow’s Bark team are foragers at heart; they use unadulterated, wild and home-grown plant extracts, as the foundation for everything they create in the studio, to maintain & boost the therapeutic qualities of their products and to bring awareness to the power & beauty of nature in their own backyards. they harvest them by hand with the greatest care to ensure that every flower, weed, and root maintains its nutritional integrity, and that every natural habitat remains undisturbed and preserved.

All of Willow’s Bark bottles and jars are made out of recyclable amber glass, tin, and kraft paper. Amber glass provides the best protection from uv light, giving the products more longevity without leaning on the use of synthetic preservatives.

The Willow’s Bark Promise:
“You can be assured that there is absolutely no fillers, parabens, petroleum, sodium laureth sulfate, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, or artificial colors or perfumes in anything that we make.” 

The Willow's Bark uses 100% pure, unrefined, organic essential oils, organic butters, and organic carrier oils in their products. 
Their bee products (wax, propolis, & honey) are harvested locally by a humane, backyard bee farmer.


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LEKKO Life Goods

Created by: Zuzanna

Zuzanna is a wife and mom of two, who loves seeing the results of her work helping people change the world. “My home studio is in industrious Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and I couldn't be more proud.”

Zuzanna Founder of LEKKO life goods hamilton maker available at The Pale Blue Dot Hamilton Ontario

LEKKO life goods was born out of Zuzzanna’s personal journey towards a more simple, zero waste lifestyle. Every product solves a problem that she had encountered along the way, from opting for bento bags over jars whenever possible to avoid the extra weight, creating a way to easily bring cutlery and a straw wherever she went, to keeping her capsule wardrobe clean after a day of...living.
To minimize waste, LEKKO has a lean production process where all goods are sewn to order. In doing this, they keep their company’s waste to a minimum and it allows them to be more intentional with their creation processes. 

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Unwrapped Life

Arden Teasdale and Allison Teasdale 

Unwrapped Life is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that is offering far more than just “paraben-free” products - They revolutionized the shampoo and conditioner bar game! Salon-grade hair and body products without the plastic. Formulated for all hair goals, with healing ingredients derived from the earth. Plastic Free and Vegan/


Effectively eliminating plastics in their own showers, they strived to make a dent in the 552 million shampoo bottles that end up in landfills every year (in North America alone) by making their bars available to anyone interested in making the switch.

As a company, they also make a point of working with their suppliers to cut down on the plastic used in the supply chain by requesting the use of paper tape and packing supplies.Unwrapped Life works closely with their suppliers to educate and change their standard packaging practices to be more environmentally-friendly.
To be expected, it’s a process, so when they receive packing materials that aren't ideal, they ensure they recycle or reuse and, in some cases, they've changed suppliers if they aren't ready to make positive changes.

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Created by: Naige and Pippa Blair

Routine deodorant is ethically crafted with natural, wholesome ingredients and using low-waste packaging, this clean and effective product is favourite at The Pale Blue Dot!
Basically, the most effective natural deodorant ever made…
Tested on friends, never animals.


Naige and Pippa Founders of Routine Natural Deodorant Available at The Pale Blue Dot Hamilton Ontario
routine’s effectiveness and commitment to maintain a deep connection to local community has resulted in a word of mouth, sought after destination product with a loyal fan following. Ethically crafted with the health of the planet and its roommates as priority, routine was created by sisters Neige and Pippa at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Calgary, Canada.
routine. is and will always be manufactured in Canada.
routine.contains only clean, wholesome ingredients. No nasty aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol “because we love all the people and why would we put that in anyone’s products!?” say Naige + Pippa

routine is applied with your clean fingers (or a tiny, clean spoon if you’d prefer). This alternative application method eliminates the possibility for the bacteria from your armpits to contaminate the product (as opposed to the conventional stick method) in turn, making it effective to the very bottom of the jar. Hooray!


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  • My first purchase from Pale Blue Dot when you first opened was tea towels from Wild Woven. Such beautiful colours and fabrics.


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