10 Tips for a Zero-waste Event


Keeping an event zero-waste can be a little challenging sometimes - but not impossible! Here are some quick tips on how to host a low-waste party/event:


  1. Help your guests put waste in its place

Have three bins, clearly marked, for compost, recycling and waste, so that your guests will know exactly where to put their waste


image: @ukonserve
image: @ukonserve
  1. Ask your guests to bring their own cups

Opt out of single use plastic. You could also buy a pack of mason jars to use as cups if need be! ‘Cause if you’re on the ‘buying bulk’ journey, you know you can never have too many jars! 💁‍♀️



  1. Use Regular Cutlery

Really, cutlery is so easy to clean. Plus, if you have a dishwasher... you’re laughing!

  1. Use Abeego During Prep.
    No plastic wrap 🙅‍♀️

  1. Reusable Plates

If possible save the single use items and use your everyday dinnerware!

If you opt for compostable plates, have a green bin available for your guests to use


   image:  @dieleichtigkeitdesseins
   image:  @dieleichtigkeitdesseins
  1. Use cloth napkins

It’s easy to find second-hand cloth napkins at thrift stores, but if you’re feeling even more thrifty + crafty, make your own out of an old set of sheets or fabric!

  1. Make Lemonade!

Instead of purchasing premade beverages at the store, prepare some infused water or lemonade. Have it ready in pitchers or dispensers for your guests to help themselves!



Image: eco-friendly-real-wedding

  1. Earth-friendly Decorations

If you want to level-up your party game with decorations, go the natural rout! Instead of balloons, make or borrow fabric banners.

Rag banners are super simple to make. All you need is some old fabric (a bed sheet would work just fine!) and string!

Cut the fabric in to approximately 12” long strips and tie them to a long piece of string & Repeat!


image: rag-tie-garland-lace-white-shabby-chic

Fabric Bunting is also a beautiful and impactful way to decorate & relatively simple to make. Cut out a bunch of triangles (all the same size) and then sew them to a long ribbon (whatever length you’d like your bunting to be). DONE.

The best part about these beautiful fabric banners is that they can be used again and again - especially if you use neutral colours or white!

image: photostream

image: photostream

No time for making fabric banners? Simple flowers in a vase or some greenery from your backyard trees always do the trick!


image: @ukonserve

image: @ukonserve

  1. Reusable Straws

Say no to single use plastic straws and opt for reusable or paper ones!



image: low-waste-holidays

  1. Snack Prep

When shopping for snacks and treats, head to the bulk store with your reusable jars instead of buying pre-packaged goods!


image: @going.zero.waste

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