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This Incense was sourced through RASA AYURVEDA from a women's collective in the Himalayan mountains, offering jobs to previously impoverished women and giving 20% of proceeds to a charity school.

Completely natural and hand-rolled, they only contain the purest, high-vibration ingredients, making them 100% non-toxic and medicinal. 

This Tridosha Incense includes the highly revered Jatamansi, which is a fragrant, sacred Ayurvedic herb found in the Himalayas at an elevation of 12,000 feet. Jatamansi is known to bring calmness and clarity to mind, quietude to heart, elevation to the consciousness, and to help in conditions such as anxiety and insomnia. This incense is meant to balance the three Ayurvedic "doshas" in our body - Vata, Pita, and Kapha. 

Pack of one dozen sticks. Each stick has a burn time of over 1 hour!