The Jane Dress
Jane Dress in Charcoal
Linen Jane Dress in Natural
Jane Dress in Charcoal
Jane Dress in Charcoal
Jane Dress in Charcoal
Jane Dress in Charcoal
Jane Dress in Natural
Jane Dress in Natural
The Jane Dress
Anne Dress in Natural & Jane Dress in Black
Jane Dress in Black

The Jane Dress

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100% OEKO-TEX Certified Linen
Luxurious winter weight

One Size - Very generous fit with adjustable design

Four Timeless & Elegant Styles
Designed by The Pale Blue Dot
in three neutral colours

Ethically made in a fair trade environment by a small family-run business in New Delhi. Our makers work hard to reduce waste, using left-over fabric cuttings to make items such as reusable straw pouches & napkins.

Linen & Sustainability

Linen is created from the fibres that naturally grow as part of the flax plant.
Every item we source for The Pale Blue Dot is sourced with intention. With this clothing line it was no different. We want to provide beautiful timeless pieces that have low impact on the planet and on your health. These pieces are designed to stay with you forever, however, since linen is created from a totally natural material, it is completely biodegradable and will leave no trace at the end of it's life.

Promoting the Slow Fashion movement

Slow fashion is the intersection of ethical, eco, and lasting fashion.

Ethical Fashion concerns human and animal rights. It is about fair treatment and respect for the people employed to create the clothing.

Eco Fashion concerns the impact of clothing production on the environment.

Lasting Fashion concerns the garment itself and slowing down the clothing consumption rate. Garments that are made of high-quality materials, are built for longevity, and eschew passing trends. We all know the phenomenon of having a closet full of items but feeling like you have nothing to wear. If you have too much stuff, especially too much cheaply made trendy stuff that isn’t truly your style, the individual items don’t mean as much. Lasting Fashion is also about keeping traditional methods of clothing making and dyeing techniques alive that provide meaning and value to the clothing we wear.

Wash in Cold Water

Hang to Dry

Love Forever!