Pumice Rock Scrub Soap (Local Made)

Pumice Rock Scrub Soap (Local Made)

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Pumice Soap Locally crafted by Nature IS Health

Infused with homegrown sage leaf, this soap is unique and efficient at sloughing off dead skin.

Useful for working hands, dry, cracked skin, rough spots and areas that are in need of a circulation boost. 


What is Pumice?

Pumice is a porous (having small holes) igneous rock (which solidified from lava) that forms during volcanic eruptions when gas bubbles are trapped in the rock as magma rapidly cools and solidifies. It is very fragile and easily breaks apart into smaller particles. Whilst similar to glass (which is a hard abrasive) in properties and chemical make-up, pumice is the softest abrasive media that is widely used for a variety of purposes.

What are the Benefits of Pumice Soap?

Because pumice is a natural mineral and a soft abrasive media, it is not harsh or toxic to people and the environment. When combined with mild detergents and moisturisers, pumice hand soap is gentle on the skin and won’t dry it out. It is safer to use than harsh solvents for removing stuck-on dirt, grease, and grime. Pumice is a safe substitute for plastic microbeads found in cosmetic and personal care products.