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Mason Jar Fermenter Kit
Mason Jar Fermenter Kit
Mason Jar Fermenter Kit
Mason Jar Fermenter Kit

Mason Jar Fermenter Kit

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Kit includes: Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Jar Band, Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Lid with Silicone Gasket and Silicone Grommet, 3-Piece Airlock, a Cotton Cloth and a Fermenting Guide
 Stainless Steel and silicone components ensure a sterile environment for your ferments
• 3-Piece Airlock allows gases to escape without letting air back into your jar
 No BPA, phthalates, or chemical leach
• Fits any Wide-Mouth canning jar (not included)
The benefits of lacto-fermented foods are finally becoming known to all. So why not make these incredible, gut-friendly foods yourself?
With this kit, you can turn your kitchen into a fermentation laboratory! Using your wide-mouth mason jars, you'll be able to make small or large batches (depending on the size of your jars) of pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee and more. Made from 304 (18-8) stainless steel and FDA-approved silicone components, this kit won't rust or leach anything into your batch.
Now comes with a cotton cloth and a recipe for making kombucha!