Long Reusable Pads (2 pack)
Long Reusable Pads (2 pack)

Long Reusable Pads (2 pack)

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Made with three layers of absorbent hemp fibre and a breathable waterproof layer, these reusable pads are longer than our regular pads and have two pairs of wings that attach with thin snaps around your underwear. The wings hold the pad in place and make it extremely well suited for nighttime as well as daytime heavy flow or for light bladder leakages.

The fabric that comes into contact with the skin is of natural fibre, undyed and unbleached.  The risks of irritation, allergy an infection are therefore reduced. The colourful patterns on the back of our washable cloth pads add a touch of beauty! 

  • Format: 2-pack
  • Length: 28.5 cm, Width between the wings 7 cm, Width at the extremities: 9.5 cm
  • Colour: natural, undyed, backing has cute patterns
  • Composition: 42% hemp, 32% organic cotton, 24% organic cotton laminated with polyurethane
  • Label: 100% certified organic cotton
  • Packaging: FSC certified paper
  • Made in Quebec, Canada



- Reduced number of leaks: Our hemp fleece is ultra-absorbent and each of our products has a breathable waterproof liner that prevents leaks.

- Soft for the skin: The fabric that comes into contact with the skin is made of natural fibres that haven’t been bleached or dyed.  The risks of irritation, allergy and infection are therefore reduced.

- Reduced ecological footprint: It is estimated that each menstruated person throws out 10,000 menstrual products in her lifetime. One Öko-Pad can last at least six
years. Think of the savings once you stop buying disposable menstrual products every month!

- Comfort: The Öko-Pads are really comfortable due to their shape, lightness and softness.  Moreover, since hemp has anti-bacterial properties, they reduce odors.