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The Kansa Wand is a ancient Ayurvedic Tool for incresing circulation and lymphatic flow. to promote healthy skin and increase the detoxification process.

A simple wooden tool with a rounded bronze tip (Copper and tin).

"Kansa" is the Sanskrit word for "bronze" - a metal alloy comprised of primarily copper. In Ayurveda, copper is a highly revered metal for it wide variety of beneficial purposes like its antimicrobial and detoxifying properties. 

The Kansa Wand Benefit Breakdown:
Balances pH levels
Alliviates stress and muscle tension
Promotes circulation
Improves lymphatic drainage
Supports detoxification in the body
Cleanses impurities 
Boosts complextion and glow of skin.

Many benefits occur when the Kansa Wand comes into contact with the marma points which are the energy centres that help determine our internal balance. As it is known, our inner balance directly effects our exterior wellness. 

How to Use a Kansa Wand:
Before your facial routine...
Begin by applying a face oil to your skin and then simply massage the marma points on your face and neck with the Kansa Wand.
The oil is an important part of the practice, as It reduces friction between the massage tool and your skin - Preventing any unnecessary pulling. 

Note: You may notice decolouraton on your skin (a green/grey colour) this is a good sign -signaling that the tool is pulling toxins out of your skin! Often from makeup or environmental pollutants. 
Simply Wash your face to remove all impurities from surface of skin
This is why we reccomend using the Kansa wand before your face washing routine. 

Two Sizes

Our Kansa Wands come in two sizes. One for face and one for body!
Yes! The Kansa Wand can be used anywhere on the body with the same benefits.

*pictured Light wood handled Kansa wands only are in stock.