Frankincense Tears

Frankincense Tears

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Pure Frankincense Resin
Boswellia Tree Resin

Sacred Plant Co's Frankincense tears Frankincense Resin is packaged and sealed in small hand harvested batches to ensure the freshest Frankincense, and highest quality possible. We've invested in 1-way valve packaging that keeps your Frankincense at as near freshly harvested as is possible. For your convenience, each bag comes with a resealable zipper to keep the freshest Frankincense quality after being opened.

Frankincense tears or Frankincense Resin consist of the resin obtained from the Boswellia tree. The boswellia tree that produces Frankincense Resin is a species of tree native to Arabia, India and northern Africa. It takes between 8 and 10 years for these Boswellia trees to mature before the milky Frankincense resin can be hand-harvested in the form of Frankincense tears.

Frankincense tears are used for cleansing, purification, Sacred, Consecration, Protection, Meditation, Peace, Purification, Protection, Spirituality.

Frankincense tear granules are highly aromatic and are typically burned over smoldering charcoal bricks as incense.

These powerful Frankincense Tears Can be added to Smudge Sticks, or used alone.