Flora Repair Body Butter

Flora Repair Body Butter

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FLORA REPAIR is a full body repair cream made with wild-harvested yarrow, willow bark, plantain, and comfrey. These plant extracts are anti-inflammatory, skin-healing heros, and are then blended with wildcrafted chamomile hydrosol, cold-pressed babassu oil—a natural emollient with restorative properties for dry or flaky skin—and with wildflower beeswax to add a layer of protection to the skin.

We've also added nutritionally dense oils such as organic cold-pressed safflower & helichrysum oils. These oils immediately soften skin, and then penetrate deep to heal & renew skin cells, while providing a heavy dose of linoleic acid, and omega 6 fatty acids.

•babassu oil, •chamomile hydrosol, local beeswax, •vegetable glycerin, •safflower oil infused with: •helichrysum flowers, ∆yarrow, ∆white willow bark, ∆comfrey, and ∆plantain, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, vitamin e oil (non GMO) grapefruit seed extract, leuconostoc kimchi, •lavender essence, •chamomile essence, benzoin resinoid •frankincense essence,

•organic ∆wild