The Kind Cleanse: A Spring Ayurvedic Cleansing Workshop - April 20, 2022

The Kind Cleanse: A Spring Ayurvedic Cleansing Workshop - April 20, 2022

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The Kind Cleanse: A Spring Ayurvedic Cleansing Workshop

Wednesday April. 20th  6:30-9:30pm ~ 10 person maximum 

Are you feeling the call to unburden yourself after a long, cold winter?

Let Lisa Power, yoga teacher & Certified Ayurvedic Coach in-training, introduce you to The Kind Cleanse: an organic and Ayurvedic detox program centered around a simple yet deeply nourishing and cleansing dish called Kitchari. 

This one-pot, mung bean, rice and vegetable ‘stew’ is often prescribed seasonally for its gentle but powerfully cleansing benefits on the physical, emotional and energetic levels, when it is consumed as a mono-diet for a number of days. 

If you’ve ever done a raw juice cleanse and wondered why it felt harsh, aggressive, cold and depleting, you will learn how you can remove excess Ama (toxins/waste), reboot your metabolism and soothe your gut in a way that will instead bring warmth and restoration even just following the deep chill of winter. 

You will have the chance to gather with others who long for better health and together, learn how to prepare this potent and purifying meal for your own cleansing intentions as well as how to adjust the simple recipe to your unique Ayurvedic constitution and imbalances. 

You will be prepared to embark on your own, personal cleansing retreat of 3, 5 or 10 days. 

In a welcoming gathering, learn how to shed mental, emotional, and physical stagnant layers to reveal your more balanced, vibrant and healthy self.


What makes a Kitchari Cleanse so Kind?

-rather than feeling deprived, you will feel sustained

-rather than feeling flighty and anxious, you will feel grounded, safe and secure

-rather than feeling freezing cold or over-heated, you will feel comfortable and soothed

-you will find physical and mental clarity

-you will stoke Agni (digestive fire), increasing your capacity to digest food and life

-you might lose a few extra pounds along the way

-your purified body and being will more easily be able to connect to the inner Self, offering the greatest healing of all

You Will Discover:

-your personal Ayurvedic constitution and current Doshic state: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

-how to prepare Kitchari according to your constitution

-how to modify the recipe for a 3, 5 or 10 day cleanse, depending on your level of commitment

-how energy affects food and simple practices for imbuing your kitchen with love

-daily routines to enhance your cleansing and healing potential

-the chance to eat a fresh Kitchari meal in community

-a meditation to guide you into inner rest within the Heart

-a printed shopping list

-a short, seated yoga sequence for digestion (time-permitting)


Lisa is a lover and liver of ayurveda, yoga, meditation and more recently, plant medicine, as pathways leading her back home to herself. 

Lisa has spent over a decade exploring and studying the vast landscapes of natural and holistic healing, having been diagnosed with a debilitating, chronic health condition at the age of 21 that forced her to abandon her life as she knew it, and dive headfirst into her own rehabilitation.

Her journey has led her out of helplessness, into greater freedom, ease and into a loving intimacy within her body, mind, and most importantly, her heart.

She has been practicing yoga for at least 15 years, and teaching since 2014 (500hr RYT).

She has gone on to create an Ayurvedic Cleanse Delivery Program called the KIND CLEANSE (available soon online), as well as co-launch and act as COO of Canada’s largest ayurvedic apothecary (according to, RASA Ayurveda, and is currently completing her studies to become certified as an Ayurvedic Counsellor. 

Lisa hopes that her work can inspire others into greater self-intimacy, love and expansion.