Copper Water Pitcher

The Kaarigar Collection is sourced directly from artisans in India to ensure that they are paid fair value.

You will not find machine made perfection. Our pitchers are handmade to preserve good energy.

The Kaarigar logo on our copper products is an assurance of quality. We manufacture the copper items ourselves in India. Avoid cheaper options available, they may not be pure copper and thus would not provide the health benefits that you seek.  

The Kaarigar Copper Water Pitcher is handmade using a single sheet of 99.86% pure copper. Lacquered on the outside to protect the surface and not on the inside to allow the water to touch the copper.
Following are some of the benefits of copper water:
  • kills bacteria
  • boosts energy levels
  • antioxidant
  • helps weight loss
  • helps the body absorb iron
  • helps maintain digestive health
  • helps skin, hair and eye colour

Care for your Pitcher 

Hand wash only using regular detergent. Do not use a dish washer.

Every few weeks

  • pour the juice of half a lime and fill the rest of the pitcher with water.
  • leave it for a few hours
  • rinse thoroughly and wash with detergent