Canuck Metal Washboard  (large)

Canuck Metal Washboard (large)

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*Unfortunately due to the size and fragility of these beautiful washboards we are unable to ship them. In-store pickup only.

Metal wash surface. 12" x 24" in size.

The Canuck Is likely one of the oldest produced washboards for Canadian Woodenware Co. There are many old printing blocks with the Canuck name on it and all appear to have metal wash surfaces . The Canuck name with the Maple Leaf is truly Canadian and we wonder what the history of Canuck is. 

We have the printing blocks from the early 1900’s.One of the most popular washboards for washing use and as a collector washboard.

At the Canadian Woodenware Company each washboard
is hand-crafted using century old tools and machinery.

Each washboard is unique and one-of-a-kind, printed on the original letter press machinery from the turn of the century. Built to last. 

Washboards that are both functional and decorative.

All our washboards are hand-crafted in the same way they were in the early 1900's. And there are many ways to use them. You can use your hand-crafted washboard for washing clothes, spot scrubbing, felting for crafting, as a musical instrument, camping, or simply as a beautiful decorative accent piece in your home.