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Designing A Room From Scratch

Designing A Room From Scratch

You just bought a new house. Or perhaps your current home just underwent a major renovation and you’re starting over again on its contents and décor.

An empty room can be as daunting as a blank sheet of paper. How do you possibly begin? Where do you begin?

Greystone Fine Furniture can provide you with the help you need and the questions you want answered – just by walking in the door. Shop owners Priya and Heather Mohan have staged the fine furniture store to look like a real house. So, in its offering of great pieces the store also offers great ideas about what to do with them.

Isn’t quite solving your dilemma? Need more advice and tips on your own home design? Not a problem. The Greystone Girls love a décor challenge. Just ask!

First try drawing the layout of your room, is one thing they might suggest. Roughly sketch out where you think you want the couch, chairs, bookshelf. Playing around with ideas on paper can save a lot of time and energy later.

Every room should first and foremost fulfill a function. Always start designing a room with functionality in mind, the store owners will tell you, and think first of what you need. For example a bed in a bedroom, a couch in a living room, a desk in a den. Find homes for these larger items - then start to think outward from there – an ottoman, candles, notebooks and pillows.

Other helpful home decor suggestions…

Symmetry is a design element that never goes out of style and really pulls a room together. A pair of lamps or set of strategically placed chairs gives your room balance.

Think in terms of vignettes. Create small sections of great looks all around the room. At every angle your room should look good. Up high, middle, or down low – some design element should catch the eye.

Your house has to be liveable. Think neutrals for your colour choices and pillows that can be reupholstered.

Jazz up any room with a painting or sculpture. Art is very personal so your only objective - buy something you love. It needn’t even match the room décor – though the accompanying frame should go with the room.

Never clutter a room and only display items that are there for a reason. Does it have a purpose or add aesthetic value to the room? If not, take it out.

Though decorating a room from scratch can seem a daunting task and a huge project to entail, it doesn’t have to be. Have fun with it. It’s your home, the Greystone Girls stress, and you should love being there.

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